The Viracide technology utilizes a patent pending formulation of plant essential oils and copper that have a direct inactivation on inhaled viruses. This includes some of the virus’ proteins involved in entry, cell penetration as well as intracellular replication.

VIRACIDE is a proprietary printed coating that deactivates 99.7% of COVID-19 and Coronavirus in under one minute, and influenza and other viruses within minutes.

Coronavirus and its variants are destroyed in under one minute when coming into contact with the VIRACIDE coating.

VIRACIDE masks produce a scent of cinnamon when worn. Cinnamon as well as a range of other homeopathic essential oils are part of the ingredients that create the unique antiviral protection that only VIRACIDE masks can produce. 

The mask can be reused for multiple days maintaining its antiviral properties.

The mask cannot be washed. With its inexpensive price point simply switch to a new mask if soiled or damaged.

Yes.  All Viracide masks are individually wrapped to ensure the highest degree of antiviral performance and filtration protection

Viracide 4-Ply masks will retail at under US $1.50 each.

Currently the VIRACIDE particle filtration and its antiviral coating has a minimum shelf life of six months and its aging tests are being completed in real time for one-year and two-year expirations.

FDA 510k certification for the US and CE certification for Europe are currently pending and are expected to be issued by 1stQ 2022.  SAHPRA certification has already been issued for South Africa and its neighboring countries.

VIRACIDE masks will be available worldwide upon FDA and CE certifications. VIRACIDE masks are currently available throughout Africa, China and the Caribbean.

The VIRACIDE antiviral coating is formulated in the USA. The mask themselves are manufactured in China and US based factories.

Viracide masks in children’s sizes will be available soon.

Encouraging all countries to buy and distribute VIRACIDE masks to deactivate the virus and stop the spread of the virus and its variants among its population dramatically.