About Vitiprints

Vitiprints LLC is dedicated to creating unique printed delivery system antiviral and antimicrobial formulations that protect both industry and home through masks, PPE, filtration, packaging, and more under its Viracide brand. Viracide uses a unique patent-pending formulation of copper, natural oxides, and homeopathic essential oils designed to destroy a wide range of viruses, including COVID-19, Coronavirus and its Variants, in addition to influenza and bacteria.

Vitiprints also applies its advanced printing technology to uniquely manufacture food and non-food grade products by eliminating water & fillers in vitamins, beverages, milks, pharmaceuticals, personal care, and cleaning products by dramatically reducing weight, size, and cost.

Vitiprints proprietary and patent-pending delivery system technology addresses environmental impact, logistics constraints, and profit margin pressure by printing fully functional, cost-effective products that reduce the need for plastic packaging or components.

Its customizable print technology platform utilizes high-speed, high-efficiency equipment for quick and cost-effective scaling of production capacity across many high-volume industries.

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